A1 CLUB 3.11 Memorial QRV Event

Objective : Remembering the Great East Japan Earthquake of 11th, March, 2011, to keep your own radio system alive and to maintain your CW communication skill as a emergency communicatin means.
Date & Time: One full week including March 11.
In case year 2014, from Mar. 9(Sun) until Mar. 15(Sat) *1

Exchange : RST+00* (* starts from 1)

Call : CQ 311 (1 may be sent as A)

Mode : CW (A1A, F2A)

Freq. : *3.11KHz of each band (this is just a proposal)
(eg. 3523.11, 7013.11, etc.)

Applicable : All Amateur


 1. Starting from Sunday 00:00JST until Saturday 23:59 JST (Japan Time)

 2. Use Frequency, Transmit Power those allowed for your station license.

 3. In addition to the normal 2way CW QSO in CW band segment,
   CQing or Explanation announce by SSB/FM in the phone bands
    is allowed. But exchange of the number should be done by CW.

 4. You can work with same station if the band is different.

 5. You can work with same station if the date is different.

 6. This is NOT a Contest so that you must try to send real RST report.

 7. The serial number must be kept continue till the end even band change/ date change.

 8. Please post your result on the English thread of A1-Forum. (free style)

 9. Operation considering an emergency situation such as independent power supply, field operation, QRP, F2A, QSO with disaster area, etc. is encouraged.

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